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small, medium and large companies.

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Protect and strive for improvement of the health, safety and security of our people at all time.


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Our machines


JAF also has deployed new models truck tankers to the rental market in the South/North of the Iraq (Basra, Erbil), all Insurance covered and license for Oil transportation. Currently JAF is contracted with almost all the companies operating in the oil/gas field as well local companies. Visit customers reference for any inquires.


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services and Logistic is one the first company in the nation to obtained license to import trucks and transport heavy duties equipment. JAF has trailers of different types and all newly model (Low and Flatbed) of all the Tons. The trucks are well equipped with all it relevant requirement.


Jannat alferdos company for oil services is the preferred company of choice with regards to logistics service in iraq. we provide service for small, medium and large companies. At jannat alferdos, we believe that our role is to make every day for both international and local clients run smoothly in order for them to perform better.

No task is so important that we cannot find a safe way to do it.

Our machines


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services Rent and sells all types of Generators and based on high and world best brands, (CAT, PK) of all capacities and models. JAF is one the best in the country on generator supplying in the Oil Fields, Industrial, Mobile generators. JAF is licensed to import as per the request of a client. JAF supply generators with warrantees, Maintenance conditions and other business beneficially options.


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services provide the best services in iraq for rental of excavators machines, we have available different world best brands, well maintained, registered, insurance, certified, as well experience, trained and qualify operators. jaf is currently leading the market in iraq with the renting of excavators to over 15 companies both in the oil/gas, constructions field and with relevant marks (cat, deawoo, kwk, jcb, kato and poclain). our motor is quality management, safety and punctuality.


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services has over 20 Back Hoes Machines on the ground for rental services, best brands (Cat, KWK, PK) quality management and maintenance. In other to maintain and keep his quality services, JAF has also employed experience, trained and qualify operators. We ensure with our qualify maintenance and Safety team all our machines are check, inspected and certified before deployed to any project. (Legally register, Insurance and certified)


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services being one of the leading Rental of Heavy Duty Machines has strong and newly Moto r Graders of different brands (Cat, Champion, KWK, PK) certified and well maintained as well enough for a back-up on the field for the renting services. JAF has license to deployed Machines in all area of Iraq. (Legally register, Insurance and certified)


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services currently is having Compactors of relevant types, different capacity, brands, as well different models (Steel Wheel Smoother, Rubber Wheels, Mobile) all Registered, Insurance and Certified, as well experience operators for rental services, we do operate in all the related tasks to a compactor Machines.


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services, as a rental and logistic provider, for the past two year has deployed high quality and capacity forklifts for renting services and logistics services. Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services has newly and well maintained Man-Lift Trucks as well experience and trained operators/drivers available for renting, all our Man-lift trucks are insured and certified.


Jannat Alferdos Co for Oil Services is one of leading rental Company in the Heavy Duty Machines market such as Wheel Loader in all the world best brands and high capacity. We provide the renting services of different capacity and brands of Wheel Loader to facilitate field works related to the Machine task in all area of Iraq. (Legally register, Insurance and certified)