Diesel Storage approved by SOC at Majnoon Oil Field

JANNAT ALFERDOS Co for Oil Products Transportationfor the past 2yrs has highly invested in the Oil products and Life Support Transportation Services.
Jannat Alferdos is known as leading Company approved by Transport/Oil minister (SOC) of Iraq with the potential license to transport Oil Products in and out of the country.

Jannat Alferdos has created more facilities to facilitate Fuel and Water supply to both local and International companies operating in and out of Iraq, Jannat Alferdos recently has deployed over 30 Fuel tankers Trucks, 30 Water tanker Trucks of different capacities, sizes and newly models all Registered, Certified with Coverage Valid Insurance as well Experience Trained Qualified Drivers for the services.

Jannat Alferdos  owns a Diesel storage approved by SOC at Majnoon Oil Field, which contends  an area coverage of 100/50 meters with a diesel storage tank capacity of 300x2 m3 plus a 54x2 tons for treated fuel storage and other facilities for accident/incident prevention with trained professional team for maintenance.